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We invite people to copy any image from Cat's Clips Website for personal use. However we also have many other images for sale - higher resolution borders for printing, holiday collections and more.

Squirrel Party eBook
Squirrel Party eBook
Written by Elisabeth Alexander and illustrated by Catharine Trowbridge. A children's tale of squirrels gone wild, full of fun animated gifs, optional sound and a read along feature.

Squirrel Party eBook
christmas animated GIFs
Christmas Animated GIFs - $6.00
Make your own holiday ecards with these animated Christmas GIFs.

View Christmas Animated GIFs
Christmas Clip Art- $8.00
This instant download contains lots of Christmas images to make your own greeting cards. Christmas trees, santa cats, holiday borders. 50 JPGs in 2 sizes on white backgrounds.

Christmas Clip Art Preview
birthday ecards
Happy Birthday Ecards - $2.00
Send out one of these little birthday animated GIFs in your email and make someone happy.

View Birthday Ecards
halloween animated gifs
Halloween Animated GIFs - $6.00
Decorate your website or party invitations with these original images. Download this collection of 9 gifs in two sizes.

View Halloween GIFs
Party Squirrels! Download - $6.00
Instantly download 12 happy squirrels. Make your next party memorable by pasting these critters all over your invitations. All are animated GIFs.

See Party Squirrels
horsetail flower border
Individual Borders - $2.00
Instantly download one of our many borders for just a dollar. High resolution for printing.

See all Borders
animated borders
Animated GIF Borders - $2.00
Instantly download one of our new animated borders for just a dollar.

See all Animated GIF Borders
6 Animated GIF Borders - $6.00
Instantly download 6 animated GIF borders. Perfect for ecards, blogs and websites PowerPoint presentations.

6 Animated GIF Borders
spring borders
6 Spring Borders - $6.00
Spring flowers make natural frames for your text documents or photos. Calla Lilies, butterflies, daffodils and more in this Instant Download.

6 Spring Borders
summer borders
6 Summer Borders - $6.00
Make your own stationary, put a border around your party invitations. Frame your text with our new summer borders. Designed for printing in mind, these images are higher resolution.

6 Summer Borders
fall borders
6 Fall Borders - $6.00
Put a decorative border around your text documents or frame a photo.. Designed with printing in mind, these images are high resolution.

6 Fall Borders
winter borders

6 Winter Borders - $6.00
Make your own holiday cards or party invitations with these 6 wintry borders. Snowflakes, berries, evergreens and birch branches.

6 Winter Borders
50 mini animated gifs
50 Animated Minis - $8.00
Instantly download 50 animated GIFs each under 100 pixels wide. Perfect for email, blogs and websites.

50 Animated Mini GIFs
Custom Images or License Artwork
To pay for custom clip art, to license commercial use of images, or to purchase higher resolution images.

Custom Clip Art

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