Animated Borders in PowerPoint 2007

If you have an animated GIF or PNG border with a transparent center, you can frame a photograph in PowerPoint.

animated border

1. Download the border you wish to use.

Note: Although you can also Copy and Paste the border into your document it may not remain transparent.

2. Open a new blank presentation.

3. On the Insert tab click Picture and browse to the border. You may resize the image by grabbing the corners and pulling in or out. Excessive enlarging may cause the image to look blurry or chunky.

blac rose border

3. From the Insert tab choose Picture. Browse to your photograph. (Or just copy this one). Insert or Paste.


5. On the Format tab click Send to Back.

Tip: Open Selection Pane on the Format tab to view and reorder all your layers.

To see your picture animate you must view as a Slide Show.

Save your work as a PowerPoint Show so it will open up animated.

Want to place a border around an image in Word? Try this:

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Want to frame a photo in Publisher?

Using Borders in Microsoft Publisher 2003

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