Design Your Own E-cards

You can send a personalized e-card in minutes.All you need is the free clip art you find here at Cat's Clips and Microsoft Word. Just follow these easy steps below -- and send it off.

cat birthday

Dear Yolanda,

I miss you. Happy Birthday!

Love, Timmy

Make an Ecard Using Microsoft Word 2003

1. Open a new document.

2. From the top menu bar click on Table, scroll to Insert, and select Table.

3. A menu box will appear. You want to create a table for your card that has two columns and one row (like the e-card above).

  • Change “Number of columns:” to 2
  • Change “Number of rows:” to 1
  • Click OK

This will produce a table (your card) that should look like this:


You are now ready to insert an image and create your own personal message.

4. Insert your cursor in the left column.

5. From the top menu bar, click on Insert, scroll to Picture, and select From File…

Locate the Cat's Clip image you saved to your computer.

6. Double click on the image name. It will automatically be inserted in the left column, and should appear immediately.

cat birthday


7. Now, create a personal message by placing your cursor in the middle column, and begin typing your greeting.

cat birthday

Dear Yolanda,

I miss you. Happy Birthday!

Love, Timmy

Now Cut & Paste Your E-card into Email

Cut and Paste involves simple commands that most of us use everyday.

1. Highlight your e-card that you just made in Word.

You can highlight from the “Edit” menu in the top tool bar by clicking on Select All.

Or you can click and drag over your e-card and highlight that way.

2. Copy your e-card. Right click and choose Copy from the menu.

3. Open a new email in your email program.

4. Place your cursor in the body of your email. This is very important.

5. Right click again, and choose Paste. Or go to "Edit" in your email program's tool bar, and choose Paste from there.

Congrats! Your family and friends will love receiving these.

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