Free Printable Holiday Stickers

Easter Stickers

Get an early start on Easter with these bunnies, Easter baskets and colored eggs. Download and print on single sheet label paper. Then just cut and stick for spring fun.

Easter Stickers PDF

free printable easter stickers

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Halloween Stickers

Print these free Halloween Images on a full sheet label to decorate trick or treat bags or art projects.

Halloween Stickers PDF

free printable Halloween Stickers

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Christmas Stickers

Print these free Christmas Images on a full sheet label to decorate your Xmas cards or make gift tags.

Christmas Stickers PDF

free printable Christmas stickers

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Birthday Stickers

Make gift tags or decorate a birthday card with these fun images. Download the PDF and print on full sheet sticker paper (or print on plain paper, cut and glue).

Birthday Stickers PDF

Free Printable Stickers from Cat's Clips.

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Valentine's Day Stickers

Just print these squirrels, doves, hearts and roses on label paper, cut and stick on your Valentine's Cards.

Valentine Stickers PDF

free printable valentines stickers

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Make Your Own Stickers. Learn how to make your own printable Holiday stickers using Microsoft Word.