Animated GIF Borders

Only $1 for each animated border you download. Embellish your PowerPoint presentations, frame your favorite photographs, create your own ecards or decorate your website.

Doves in Wisteria animated gif border from Cat's Clips.
Doves Wisteria
Japanese Lanterns animated GIF border from www,
Japanese Lanterns
Butterflies with Japanese maple leaves animated GIF border from
Japanese Maple Butterfly
Blackberry, rose and butterly animated gif border
Berry Rose Butterfly
quince sparrow animated border
Quince Sparrow
gull animated border
Seagull Border
snowflaked animated gif border
fireplace christmas tree frame
Fireplace Christmas Tree
doves insnowy tree gold frame
Doves in Glittering Tree
gold beads on red ribbon glitter

Gold Beads Red Glitter
red candles wreath animated border
Red Candle Wreath
daffodil tlips glitter border
Tulip Daffodil Glitter
party lights animated gif border
Party Lights
party lights animated gif border
Party Lights Black
birthday garland animated border
Birthday Garland

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haunted frame animated gif
Haunted Frame
swirling fall leaves animated border
Fall Leaves
black leaves animated gif border
Black Leaves
skull glitter animated border
Skull Glitter
chickadee twig animated gif border
Chickadee Twig
cat on fence animated border
Cat on Fence
squirrel christmas lights animated gif
Squirrel Lights

flames animated gif border

Flames Border

quail in fall leaves animated gif

Quail in Fall Leaves
dancing puffins animated gig
Dancing Puffin Line
blinking skull lights animated gif border
Skull Lights
black rat animated gif
Black Rat

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colored stars animated border
Colored Stars
glitter garland animated border
Glitter Garland
flower sparkle animated gif border
Flower Sparkle
heart box animated gifs

Heart Box
colored shapes animated border
Colored Shapes
pearl heart glitter valentine animated border
Pearl Heart Valentine
birthday animated gif border
Birthday Border
gold frame glitter doves animated border
Gold Frame Doves
Peppermint Candy animated GIF from
Peppermint Candy
black frame with pink roses animated border

Black with Pink Roses
butterfly flower animated gif border
Butterfly Flowers
glittery flower border
Flower Glitter

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What can you do with an animated border?

Dress up your presentations: Insert an animated GIF into a Microsoft PowerPoint slide. Then add words or more images on top. If the center of the border is transparent, you can use PowerPoint to frame your photographs.

Animated Borders in PowerPoint 2007

You can also upload an animated GIF to one of many online animated GIF creation websites where you can resize, add or remove transparency or add your own text.

Then take your image and post on your blog or a photo sharing site that hosts animated GIFs such as Photobucket.

Animated GIF Info: Useful tips on viewing and emailing animated GIFs.

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Framing with Animated Borders
Learn how to frame your own photographs or text using common programs like Microsoft Word, Publisher and PowerPoint as well as Photoshop CS and Elements.
Using Animated GIF Borders

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