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9 Christmas Animated GIFs - $6

This holiday collection consists of 9 images, two sizes of each on a white background (except Red Candle Wreath which has a transparent background). 2.5 MB zipped download.

Scroll down to see full sized images.
squirrels decorating a Christmas tree

christmas banjo squirrel

christmas tree
squirrel with presents on tail

red candles wreath

fireplace animated GIF
snow dove tree animated GIF bird tree animated GIF
buy halloween animated gifs

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Squirrel's Christmas Tree

squirrels decorating a Christmas Tree

108 kb
350 x 247 px

Christmas Banjo Squirrel

christmas banjo squirrel animated GIF
195 kb
342 x 339 px

Christmas Tree Black Ornaments

christmas tree with black ornaments

147 kb
200 x 508 px

Squirrel Tail Presents

squirrel with presents on tail animated GIF

89 kb
400 x189 px

Red Candle Wreath
red candle wreath animated gif

685 kb
400 x 400 px

Fireplace with Candles
fireplace animated GIFs

462 kb
299 x 335 px

Snowy Dove Tree
snowy dove tree
220 kb
250 x 400 px

Black Cat Santa

black cat santa animated GIF

97 kb
174 x 355 px

Bird Tree
bird tree animated GIF

385 kb
400 x 549 px

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